Notes from the 2018 Lowell Celebrates Kerouac festival

Hello all, here’s an update on LCK festival events over this past weekend. If you have any stories or pictures or videos you’d like to share from your time at the festival, please get in touch with us at

Record numbers came out to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the dedication of the Jack Kerouac Commemorative in Kerouac Park on Bridge Street.. Speakers included Brian Foye, Richard Scott, city officials and others.

Record numbers also participated in the new downtown walking tour by Kurt Phaneuf, judge at Lowell High School Poetry Contest and of “Talking Jack” fame.

New venues that participated in the festival included Western Avenue Studios, Gormley’s Cafe, and Gallery Z.

Congratulations to the winners of Annual Lowell High School Poetry Contest:

  • 1st place: Nicholas Cardoso
  • 2nd place: Mablean Ntoro
  • Tie for 3rd place: Jessica Barra and Emily Rios