Fall 2020 LCK/Parker Lecture

Fall 2020 LCK/ Parker Lecture: Charles Shuttleworth, “Kerouac: The Buddhist Years

Charles Shuttleworth’s LCK/Parker Lecture will be presented as a pre-produced video program which will be available to view on this page any time between Thursday 10/8 and Monday 10/12. 


Video available at https://vimeo.com/466018744.

LCK/Parker Lecture Interactive Virtual Question and Answer Session with Charles Shuttleworth

Please RSVP to participate in the LCK/Parker Lecture Q & A with Charles Shuttleworth here: http://bit.ly/LCK_Parker_LectureQA. This will take you to a Google form requiring folks interested in attending the Q & A to provide their name and email address. Registration must take place no later than one hour prior to the event. We’ll then email out the Zoom link and password to participants, and the co-hosts checking the list to admit them at the time of the session.

The Q & A will take place at 2:00 PM Eastern time on Saturday, October 10, and the Zoom door will open at 1:45 PM.