Beat Museum looking to establish a permanent home in San Francisco

Hi all. Our friends at The Beat Museum are looking for help to establish a permanent home in San Francisco. Please read below for more information. Also consider joining their mailing list to get updates as they come out.


Dear friends, supporters, benefactors, would-be benefactors and True Believers -

The time has come to place a stake in the ground and I'm asking you to collectively help me decide what will become of The Beat Museum.

My wife and I founded The Beat Museum thirteen years ago and have been running it ever since. The Beat Museum began with a serendipitous moment. We were traveling in Europe and came across the Hemp Museum in Amsterdam. I casually said to Estelle, "If they can have a Hemp Museum in Amsterdam, why can't we have a Beat Museum in North Beach in San Francisco?" Estelle's instant response was, "That's a pretty good idea."

So we somehow stumbled in to the museum business. I was looking for a new mission after having spent 25 years in the corporate world - 15 at IBM and 10 at American Express. And how I went from two Top-50 multinationals to running The Beat Museum is a story unto itself, but my wife was supportive and we had no children we needed to take care of so The Beat Museum became our baby and for the last thirteen years it has become our lives. During this time we have made a tremendous number of great friends, worked with hundreds of terrific associates and attracted a magnificent and dedicated staff.

Now, today, in July of 2016 we come to a crossroads between what The Beat Museum has been and what it is going to be. I'll be 63 years old on my next birthday and I'll soon need to decide if I'm going to spend the next few years turning The Beat Museum in to a major institution San Francisco will be proud of or if I'm going to allow it to take a natural yet inevitable path toward dissolution that so many small organizations succumb to when their founders eventually stop doing what they're doing.

Much of the timing of this decision is being driven not so much by my age but by the current events we're all living through in San Francisco. I enjoy my work. And because I believe the enhanced understanding and mental acuity that comes with age more than makes up for any diminished physical capacity, I feel as vibrant as I have ever felt in my life.

The limiting factor relating to the future of The Beat Museum is basically the space we will be occupying. Everyone in San Francisco knows dozens of individuals who have been priced out of their apartments in the last number of years. It's happening to small businesses and non-profits and art organizations as well. Some small organizations have put their collections in storage hoping for a better future. Some have totally closed up and some have moved to Oakland or other parts of The Bay Area. And a fortunate few have somehow been able to acquire their own buildings.

The Beat Museum can't go to Oakland. The Beat Museum belongs in North Beach and the consensus from everyone I have spoken with is The Beat Museum needs to stay in North Beach. So, that brings me to the issue of the moment. How do we ensure The Beat Museum permanently stays in North Beach? The answer is we need to purchase our own building.

To see pictures of a building that is perfect for our future needs and is currently on the market and that we hope to buy, click here:

If you have some thoughts or ideas about this announcement I encourage your interaction. Call us, email us and if you're in San Francisco please stop in to say hello.

A 2nd email will be forthcoming within the next week that will include some sketches of what our new building might look like.

Please be on the lookout for our next email to learn more details.

—Jerry Cimino
The Beat Museum

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