Memorial service for Larry Carradini

Former Lowell Celebrates Kerouac! president Larry Lawrence Carradini passed away peacefully on April 30. A memorial for Larry will be held at the Morse-Bayliss Funeral Home in Lowell. Calling hours will be from 4 to 7 p.m. followed by a brief service at 7 p.m.

A note from David Amram:

Thanks to dear Meg, I was given Larry's phone at the hospice and had a chance to talk to him and let him know what a treat it was to be with him over the years and reminded him how when he read Ferlinghetti's poem over the phone, after I called up Ferlinghetti and told him there was a poet in Lowell who truly loved Jack and Ferlinghetti's 's work, and read it so beautifully because Larry himself was a soul person as well as such a fine poet himself, who understood where it was all coming from.

When I phoned Ferlinghetti the next day and told him that after Larry had read Lawrence's poem for the attendees at LCK, everyone loved it.

Ferlinghetti told me that hearing Larry read it to him over the phone prior to the concert was a moment he would always remember. The way Larry did it, with his own poetic sensibility making it clear as a bell in the way he read it, it was from Lowell to San Francisco with love. And now all of us, wherever we are, can send that love back to the spirit of Larry, to Meg and to all those near and dear to him.

I am sure all of us have special memories of all the things Larry did with and for all of us, with Meg at his side , for so many years, and with all the volunteers joining in, LCK was and continues to be such a treat for all of us who come to enjoy ourselves celebrating Jack and Lowell.

And working for years with Larry as the skipper of the S.S. LCK made me realize that we are all basking in the light that is created by the 361 days of hard work by everyone in Lowell that precedes our arrival. And no matter how rough the seas got, Capt. Larry never let the ship capsize.

Larry's devoted work is part of the history of LCK, as a unique community festival, based on opening up the doors for the whole world to re-discover Jack and the city of Lowell in a whole new fresh meaningful way.

If there is a memorial service, it will surely include many of the happy crazy stories of Larry and Meg to the rescue, and I hope that some of Larry's own beautiful poetry will be read as well.

He was first and foremost a poet in his own right. But like all LCK volunteers, he sacrificed endless hours to help the world to understand Jack's work in a new way and also went out of his way to involve other poets, authors, musicians, students and fans in creating a special environment so that when the festival was over, the spirit of creativity was fostered for everyone from school kids to old timers (like myself) when they came to see Meg dance at the Athenian Corner or went to Cote's Market to shop for some of the same delicious Quebecois treats that Jack's family loved. Or attended Lowell High School's poetry contest where scores of teen agers who were the first in their families to speak English read their own poems in the same school that Jack attended, which was something that Larry felt was so important to maintain.

And no one can ever forget his singing of Louis Armstrong classics in a gravel-toned voice like an authentic old New Orleans blues man when there was a snafu in the programming and someone had to vamp until ready.

I send love to all Larry's family and my three kids Alana, Adira and Adam do too, since they were always made to feel so welcome at LCK when they were little and they still remember that when Larry had five emergencies at the same time, how he always still found time to treat them with some ice cream and a smile.

Thank you Larry for being here for all of us and you will always be here in our memories

David Amram
May 1 2014
Beacon, NY

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