LCK Festival 2014: October 9 to 12

The 2014 LCK Festival will be held on October 9 to 12 among the blue city lights of Lowell, Mass. Save the date. We'll keep you posted on the schedule and activities as we get them in place.


My name is Mike Hudson and I’m a playwright based in Auckland, New Zealand. About ten years ago, I was approached by a local NZ theatre company to write a play based on the literary legend of Jack Kerouac for a festival celebrating American writers. The play ‘Beautiful Losers’ was well received by audiences and critics and has been performed for a number of festivals in NZ over the years. The play is based on the relationship between Kerouac and Cassady and captures their lives from their early twenties to the final years. As a writer I was interested in this great friendship and ever though there is much to celebrate, this is still a cautionary tale about flying too high and the consequences of fame. The play does not use any of Kerouac’s actual writing but is written in his style.

I will be in New York in late Sept/Oct 2014 and would love to meet you and your team behind the Kerouac Celebration. It would also be a great privilege to be able to see the hometown of Kerouac. We would also love to share our work with you (perhaps through a reading) and discuss how Kerouac has connected with New Zealand audiences (young and old) - I have attached an information pack which explains the play and its history. It also provides a breakdown of us as theatre makers and our experience. My wife is Margaret-Mary Hollins and she is also the director and CEO of The Auckland Performing Arts Centre. We will be travelling together to the States.

If there is any opportunity for catching up/further discussion it would be much appreciated.

We look forward to seeing you in the future.

Best regards

Mike Hudson

Hi Mike,

We are very happy to hear from you. We hope you will really enjoy the festival. There are several opportunities for readings. We have the Open Mike with David Amram on Sunday afternoon; David backs up all the readers and it is a wonderful event. At the "Talking Jack" event on Friday afternoon, you can share your experiences about your play. There may also be an open mike on Saturday afternoon.

I'm sorry I am just getting back to you now. I generally monitor the LCK Facebook page and our email address.

Looking forward to meeting you and Margaret,


Hi, are you looking for volunteers for this year's festival? I would be interested in joining, please email me if there are any such opportunities!

Hi! The title of my exhibit at gallery 119 is 'Up You Go Little Smoke - The Holy Hipness of Jack Kerouac'. Could you please have your copy about the event reflect that? Thanks! Can't wait to see you all there!

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