Jack Kerouac's Lowell tour series continues in June!

Update, June 7: Bum deal. The weather in Lowell on June 8 will be very New Englandish (bad), so the June 8 tour is cancelled.

Lowell Celebrates Kerouac! master interpreters of great American writer Jack Kerouac’s youth in Lowell and his Lowell novels will lead tours on June 8 and 15, the next two Saturdays, that portray him from cradle to grave, including his many family homes, churches, schools, library, the French-Canadian neighborhoods where he grew up, and the landmarks of the city that he loved. Through visiting the significant Kerouac sites, attendees will learn of the lifelong influence of Lowell on shaping his remarkable body of work as seen in his novels, poems, journals, and letters.

Steve Edington will lead the tour Saturday, June 8, starting at 10 a.m. from the Lowell National Historical Park Visitor Center. The tour is called "Kerouac Sites of Lowell: Cradle to Grave" with stops and readings at the Kerouac Commemorative, the Birth Home on Lupine Road, the "Visions of Gerard" neighborhood around the St. Louis Church, the "Maggie Cassidy" tenement, the Grotto, the St. Jean Baptiste Church (funeral site), and the Kerouac gravesite at the Edson Cemetery. Total time is two and a half hours.

Roger Brunelle will lead the June 15 tour, “Merrimac and Moody Street Regulars,” also starting at 10 a.m., but from in front of City Hall. The tour will include significant sites with readings along Moody and Merrimack Streets, including some remnants of the former Little Canada neighborhood, such as French social clubs, St. Jean Baptiste church, and St. Joseph elementary school, plus the Pollard Memorial Library, where Kerouac discovered the world of literature and often played hooky from his high school schedule.

More Kerouac tours are being planned through October. Details on the future tours will be announced later. Tours cost $10 per person in a donated fee that supports our big Kerouac events of every March and October. Reservations and information about the tours can be gotten by calling LCK president Mike Wurm at c.978-501-1021 or emailing him at wurmtrakker@gmail.com.


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This is so amazing, good to know that Jack Kerouac's Lowell tour series will continue in June for edubirdie reviews as well. I would love to see these series, loved the post looking forward to read more about this though.

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