Lowell poetry event, Saturday 23 Feb

A poetry/multi-media event is happening Saturday 23 February at UnchARTed Gallery, 66 Merrimack St., Lowell. It features our LCK member Pete Eliopoulos and Kerouac Literary Festival regular Steve Dalachinsky. Full schedule below:

12:00pm Brunch at UnchARTed, provided with help from The Sock Hop.

1:30pm Fluxus Performance: Id m Theftable, Crank Sturgeon

2:00pm Local Poets: Mira Allen, Peter Eliopolis, Michael Hoerman, and Dave Robinson with Rick Breault - laptop; Stephanie Lak - voice, electronics; Walter Wright - drums + Joe Burgio, Paul Kafka-Gibbons and Gordon Marshall with Joshua Jefferson - saxes; fleisenberg - drums

3:00pm Visiting Poets: Steve Dalichinsky with Ras Moshe - flute, sax; Dustin Carlson - guitar; Evan Lipson- upright bass; Bob Hubbard - drums

4:00pm Apocalypso: Joe Burgio - movement; Shayna Dulberger - upright bass, electronics; Chris Welcome - guitar; Walter Wright - electronics

4:30pm Jack Wright Group: Jack Wright - sax; Ron Stabinsky - piano; Ben Wright - upright bass; Johnny McLellan - drums

Live art by Corey Luebbers, Alyshia Lien, Lindsey Parker, Victoria Valente.


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