1996 LCK Festival

9th Annual Lowell Celebrates Kerouac! Festival
Jack Kerouac: Athlete and Scholar
3-6 October 1996

Wednesday 2 October 1996

Pre-Festival Event: Stone Soup Poets Celebrate Jack Kerouac
7:30 PM- Closing
T.T. Bear's Place
10 Brookline Ave, Central Square, Cambridge, MA

"Where Jack Kerouac's Road Begins" International Photo Exhibition
October 2 to November 8
Boott Gallery, Boott Cotton Mills Museum
80 photographs capture various periods of Lowell, Massachusetts, and Jack Kerouac. This exhibition was created by Dr. Silvestro Serra and Dr. Massimo Pacifico, journalists from Milan, Italy. The exhibition premiered in Florence, Italy.

Thursday 3 October 1996

Downtown Kerouac Places- Walking Tour
6:30PM-8:00 PM
Begins at The Jack Kerouac Commemorative, ends at the Barnes and Noble Bookstore, Merrimack Street.

Festival Opening- Readings and Reception
Barnes and Noble Bookstore, 151 Merrimack St.
Opening of the 9th Annual Lowell Celebrates Kerouac! Festival, and presentation of the 8th Annual Jack Kerouac Literary Prize.

Kerouac's Greek Connections- Readings, Music and Memories
Athenian Corner Restaurant, 207 Market Street

Friday 4 October 1996

2nd Annual Beat Literature Symposium
O'Leary Library, Room 222, South Campus, UMASS-Lowell
9:00AM-12:00 Noon - Presentation of Papers
2:00PM - Keynote Presentation by Albert Gelpi
3:00PM-5:00 - Panel discussions
Leading scholars from the US, Canada and New Zealand will present original research on beat authors, writing techniques and cultural phenomena. Albert Gelpi, Stanford University will present the keynote speech. Speakers include: Ann Douglas, Gordon Ball, Joseph Donahue, Brian Foye, and Ed Foster. Sponsored by the English Department and the Department of Continuing Education, UMASS-Lowell.

Mystic Jack - Walking Tour
Begins and ends at St. Louis Church, Centralville.

Memorial Mass for Jack Kerouac
St. Louis Church, Centralville

The Voice of the Poet - Readings
O'Leary Library, Room 222, South Campus, UMASS-Lowell
Nationally known New England poets read their work.

Merrimack, Mighty Napo of New England - Walking Tour
Begins and ends at McDonald's, Mammoth Rd

Jazz in the Evening

Saturday 5 October 1996

Lacoshua-Bus Tour
A bus tour of Kerouac places in Nashua, NH.

Small Press Book Fair
Memorial Hall, Pollard Library
A sampling of local presses and Kerouac material. Co-sponsored by the Pollard Memorial Library and Friends of the Library. Conducted in cooperation with Stone Soup Poets.

The Kerouac Commemorative - An Appreciation
The Kerouac Commemorative

Weird Scenes from the Gold Mine - Dance
Market Mills Park
Jan Zwadney and a Feast of Friends perform to the words and music of Jim Morrison and the Doors.

Barbara Concannon-Crete Memorial Poetry Prize - High School Poetry
Poetry Competition for High School Students

Kerouac Quilt - Reading
The New England Quilt Museum
New England poets create a word quilt of Kerouac and Lowell images.

Jack Kerouac: Athlete and Scholar- Symposium
The New England Quilt Museum
An interactive discussion of the influence of Kerouac's athletic experience on his life and art. Brian Foye, panel moderator. Glenn Stout, baseball writer and Kerouac enthusiast will discuss Kerouac's high school athletic career.

Poetry at the Rainbow Cafe
Rainbow Cafe, Cabot Street

Stone Soup Poets and Friends - Poetry

Tales of Beatnik Glory - Ed Sanders
Smith Baker Auditorium
Author of Tales of Beatnik Glory, Hymn to the Rebel Cafe. Co-founder of The Fugs. Proprietor of the Peace Eye Bookstore. Editor of "Fuck You: A Magazine of the Arts". Ed Sanders continues to explore new, old, and just plain different avenues of art and expression.

Sunday 6 October 1996

The Jack Kerouac Tour- Bus Tour
Departs from Middlesex Community College.
Bus tour of Kerouac's Lowell. Call 508-452-7966 for reservations. Please give name, phone number and number of places reserved.

Words and Music - Open Mic
The Coffee Mill, Palmer Street.

Echoes of Kerouac
Words and Music by local writers and performers.

Beat Literature Symposium

Friday 4 October
O'Leary Library, Room 222, South Campus, UMASS-Lowell

9AM. Hilary Holladay, Symposium Director, UMASS-Lowell. Welcome and Introductory Remarks

9:10AM. Origin and Apocalypse: Legends of Lowell in Kerouac's Writings
Moderator: Ann Douglas, Columbia University

  1. The Rim of Terror: Voyeuristic Irony in Kerouac and Genet. Ed Foster, Stevens Institute of Technology
  2. The Night of the Greek: Sabastian Sampas in Fact and Fiction. Anthony Sampas, Lowell, Massachusetts
  3. Alchemical Journey: The Role of Dr. Sax in Kerouac's Creative Development. Ann MacGibbon, UMASS-Lowell
  4. Safe in Heaven: Kerouac's Book(s) of the Dead. Joseph Donahue, University of Puget Sound

11:15AM. The Beat Movement as Cultural Phenomenon
Moderator: Gordon Ball, Virginia Military Institute

  1. On the Road and Beat Self-Fashioning. Rob Holton, Okanagan University College, Keloluna, British Columbia
  2. The Reception of Beat in East Germany. Gerrit-Jan Berendse, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand

2PM. Keynote Speech
Jack Kerouac: The View from Lowell. Albert Gelpi, Stanford University

3PM. Facets of the Jewel Center: Style, Voice, and Generic (In)Distinctions in Kerouac's Writings

  1. [Title Forthcoming on Kerouac Manuscript Written in "Lowell French"]. Roger Brunelle, Lowell, Massachusetts
  2. The Ventriloquist of the Grotesque: Study of Gender and Narrative in Kerouac's Subterraneans and Tristessa. Nancy Grace, College of Wooster
  3. The True Blue Song of Man: Examination of Kerouac's Spontaneous Prose in Technique. Cathy Tsolakos, Montreal, Quebec
  4. Unbordering Form: Beat Dissolutions of Genre in Jack Kerouac. Ronna Johnson, Watertown, Massachusetts

4:30PM. Different Drummers: Burroughs, Snyder, and Carroll
Moderator: Brian Foye, Middlesex Community College

  1. Burroughs the Beat? David Schmid, SUNY-Buffalo
  2. Finding Emptiness in the Heart: Gary Snyder's Mountains and Rivers without End as Tranartistic Polylogue. Sonja Streuber, UC-Davis
  3. And the Beat Goes On: Jim Carroll, Subversive Poetics, and the Anxiety of Kerouac. David J. Gallant, University of Rhode Island

7:30PM. Poetry Reading


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